Independent Child

Once upon a time a little blond haired girl showed up for her kindergarten class dressed as she liked. No one really made a fuss about the way she was dressed but her teacher thought it was hilarious – at least that is what she told the mother of the girl. There was a good reason for snapping the crotch of the thing on the outside of her clothing. It was just too inconvenient to keep it inside the pants when you were in a hurry. The class went for a walk around the block because it was a very nice day – sunshine and blue sky. The children had a lot to say, as children will when freed from the constraints of a building. There were observations of all sorts, the birds, the trees. Some thought God made it all. The teacher said that the little girl looked up in the sky and said, “God is a Spirit.”

~Nellie Faye Wallace Engeler

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