Why Should I Write Every Day?

Dreaming about being a writer is so pleasurable. I’m an outstanding dreamer! But maybe I mean … being an author? Like, “I wish I could play the piano,” by just waking up one day without effort or the frustration of practice and can play.

I seem to be more of an idea factory with writing, than a producer of content. Much like my students, I imagine I can just sit down and out it will pour, fully formed and lovely. I know this to be wrong because I tell them so, have witnessed it, and … I’m always right … right? I’m the authority figure.

Beginning in February I have been taking an online copy writing class through AWAI which satisfies the practical side of me: assignments, feedback, lessons, and reading assignments. I have learned a great deal. For example, this is a sales marketing field which in general I do not enjoy, but there are numerous stages, styles, and mediums across the spectrum and some actually do interest me or appear more attractive than others.

The best leaders of this webinar series (Pam Foster is probably my favorite so far), also remind us that we should work for clients we agree with, or have common beliefs, or at least believe in the product or service we/they are promoting. For a few weeks this seemed hollow advice to me because most of our assignments and lesson examples were for financial markets, random health pills, or other “gimmicks,” in my opinion, and I couldn’t see past that. Not interested.

However, we started our “5-Part Campaign” project and one product option was basketball-related. I really got into the idea of trying to convince my husband to buy this fictional product through my copy! We’re supposed to write with ONE person or prospect in mind and he was perfect. Interesting, challenging, and not fake desire on my part. I feel like I know enough about basketball to come up with an angle, multiple ideas, stories, and headlines – a strategy! I get it.

Then, last Friday during the AWAI “2021 State of the Industry Virtual Summit,” a surprise guest got through to me personally. Seth Godin said, “Everyone should write a blog daily.” It doesn’t have to be perfect; it doesn’t even have to be good.

What? How can I share my imperfect creations?

Because, again, I tell my students to do the very same thing! The same advice has been popping up from various sources over the past decade: write every day. Even Whoopi Goldberg’s character in “Sister Act 2” says to Lauren Hill’s character, “If you wake up in the morning and you can’t think of anything but singing first, then you’re supposed to be a singer girl.”

Writing on a blog, knowing someone will possibly read what I write will make me take better care, be more empathetic, and get accustomed to writing more clearly. I act like I’m not afraid of anything and I normally believe myself, but writing where people can see … yikes! If I write every single day for a year, I will have some good, some bad, and I will find my niche for writing.

So, “Here I go again on my own…” I’m putting it out there hoping it is true: I will write and post something every day. It may be long. It may be short. It may not be quality (gasp!) or interesting. But I will do it and I will get better at writing … because my teacher said so.

“Progress is the ultimate motivator.” ~ olivierleroy@yourswimbook.com [thanks, Kim!]

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